Monday, June 7, 2010

Photographs of the growing Jackrabbit collection, shot by Ashley Gamarello with her medium format camera, providing the portrait of me seen below in Visual Tales Magazine.Thank you Ashley! Will post her website soon when it's up.


The new VISUALS TALES magazine! This is John Tan's beautiful quarterly online menswear journal. Volume 2, Book One (Departments) features an interview I did with Jonathan Shia with photographs by Alexander Wagner.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


is a short film shot on one roll of unedited super 8 film. Starring the Indian Princess (Lindsey Jordan), the Buffalo (Beau Buck), and the Baby Buffalo (Josiah Crawshaw). Co-created and shot entirely by Nathan Kuljian, who was almost heavily fined when a highway patrol caught him filming while standing in the back of a moving pickup truck driving on the wrong side of the road without a permit to film in the high desert above Lancaster, outside Los Angeles. Some of these shots proved surprisingly treacherous. But no one was hurt. Mrs. Kuljian lent us the tortoise. Curt, Heather and Matt lent outstanding assistance in making it all work.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The first opportunity to confront a horse wearing the horse helmet. GG bravely filmed the encounter in Super8 film at Aintree Crown Farm. What we don't see in the video is Tintin's (the horse) reaction when I take it off. He was so confused. He kept looking at the helmet and then my face. So I put it back and he excited again.